User Permissions & Roles

Limit user access to the Doohly platform


User permissions and roles allows you to lock down access to specific areas of the Doohly platform to certain users.

System Roles

By default, there are five system roles included in all spaces, which cannot be deleted or edited, with the exception of assigning users.

Administrator: Can manage access for everything

Billing: Has access to billing information only

Manager: Can manage and view everything, except billing and roles

Scheduler: Can manage and view campaigns, bookings, creatives, devices and tags, and can view loop policies, player window presets, and product categories

User Manager: Has access to users and role management only

View Only: Has view-only access for everything excluding billing (no access)

Assigning Users To A Role

Users can be assigned to both the system roles and user-created custom roles.

Navigate to the specific role you would like to assign a user to and click on “Users” in the role details menu.

From here, click on “Assign Users”.

A list of all users in the space will appear, select the users you wish to assign this role to and click “Assign”. Be sure to save for these changes to take effect.

Creating A New Role

Unique custom roles can be created and assigned to users to suit your needs.

To create a new role, head to the “Settings” menu, from here, navigate to the “Roles” tab. Once in the roles screen, click the “New Role” button and give the new custom roll a meaningful name.

From here, the role details with the specific permissions will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, configure these to suit your needs. By default, all permissions will be set to “No Access”.

Once the permissions have been set, navigate to “Users” in the role details sections and click on the “Assign Users” button, this will bring up a list of all users who can have this role assigned to them.

Once all the users have been selected, be sure to click “Save” for changes to take effect.


Note: All custom roles can be cloned & deleted by using the hamburger menu on the righ of their names