• DOO-1109 - API - Performance improvements for getting weather and tram information.


  • DOO-1212 - UI - Links to a frame now navigates to the frames tab of the given device, and opens the editor modal
  • DOO-1267 - UI - Loop preview report now shows file name for normal .zip files
  • DOO-1258 - UI - Sub-category shows correctly in the Product Categorytab in settings
  • DOO-535 - UI - Date picker layout in the information card in campaign details page now mirrors the ui in create new campaign modal prompt
  • DOO-1111 - API - Improved realtime tracking of connected device status
  • DOO-788 - API - Filtering booking names by semicolon no longer breaks the filter functionality
  • DOO-1245 - API - Saving bookings with many frames, or long durations will no longer take a long time
  • DOO-1278 - API - Device - Saving frame without panel ID no longer errors

Player Changes - 5.1.3

  • DOO-1260 - Player - Programmatic package will throttle future requests if an ad request fails
  • DOO-1247 - Player - Cursor should hide properly upon player first start
  • DOO-1059 - Player - Linux player now minimises correctly
  • DOO-1231 - Player - Player will correctly show standby image when transitions are enabled
  • DOO-1230 - Player - Player no longer updates settings while locked, even if the settings have not changed

20231221 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik


  • UI: HTML packages now show their status as they are being uploaded
  • UI: Clicking the “Go To Device” button in the booking details page now takes you to the specific devices bookings tab
  • UI: Device information page now shows the memory and disk usage
  • UI: Administrator users can now set a default loop policy
  • UI: Administrator users can now set a default creative playback scaling option
  • UI: Updated the consistency of icons
  • UI: Going back in the device details page will now take you to the previous details tab

20231205 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik

Loop Policy UI Update:

  • When registering a device, users are now required to select a loop policy
  • Users can now make changes to their loop policies via the Doohly UI
  • Loop policies can be managed (created, edited and deleted) via the “Loop Policy” tab
  • To set up programmatic capabilities, please contact Doohly support ([email protected])


  • UI: Users are now warned when uploading an HTML package that contains a WebM file
    • HTML Packages containing WebM files can cause player instabilities
  • UI: Device operating hours can now be copied to multiple devices in bulk
  • UI: Entire days operating hours can now be copied to other days
  • UI: When editing device operating hour time blocks with overlaps, a prompt will now appear to determine if the hours should be merged or replaced
  • UI: Operating hours can now be edited by clicking and dragging the top and bottom edges
  • UI: Operating hours can now be moved between days by clicking and dragging
  • UI: When deleting creatives a link to the bookings the creative is featured in will now be available for quick navigation
  • UI: Deleting creatives now includes a link to preview the creative
  • UI: Loop preview reports now include campaign product categories
  • UI: During upload HTML packages will now show their upload status


  • UI: Product category list previews will now display when selecting a product category list
  • UI: Users will now be able to continue with the device registration process after declining a device restart due to hardware acceleration
  • UI: “No Users” text was removed from loading screens
  • UI: The location search icon will no longer disappear
  • UI: Users with manage billing permissions can now access billing
  • UI: Filtering bookings via status no longer unintentionally hides all bookings

20231016 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik


  • UI: When selecting a role to edit, it is now highlighted in the list of roles


  • Player: Improved error logging
  • UI: Users can now filter by email when assigning roles

20231010 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik

User Permissions:

  • Users can now create, manage, and delete custom user permission roles within their space
  • By default, the following system roles are included in all spaces & cannot be deleted/removed:
    • Administrator: Can manage access for everything
    • Billing: Has access to billing information only
    • Manager: Can manage and view everything, except billing and roles
    • Scheduler: Can manage and view campaigns, bookings, creatives, devices and tags, and can view loop policies, player window presets, and product categories
    • User Manager: Has access to users and role management only
    • View Only: Has view-only access for everything excluding billing (no access)
  • To assign existing roles to users:
    • Go to the “Settings” menu by hovering over the space name in the top right
    • From here, click on “Roles” along the top
    • Select the role you wish to assign to the specific user/s
    • The role details will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, from here, select “Users”
    • Click on “Assign Users”, and a list of all the accounts in the space will appear - select the relevant users and be sure to click “Assign” for the selection to be saved
  • To create new, custom roles:
    • Go to the “Settings” menu by hovering over the space name in the top right
    • From here, click on “Roles” along the top
    • Click on the “New Role” button and give this role a unique name, then click “Create”
    • The role details will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, from here you can set the specific permissions of each function
    • Once the permissions have been configured, be sure to hit “Save” for the changes to take effect
    • Be sure to also assign users to this role using the above steps
  • Users with manage or view permission for the roles configuration will now see all other users that have access to the same space
  • All roles can be easily cloned to quickly create new roles based on another’s permissions
  • User roles can be deleted if no longer needed


Note: All existing users will be assigned the “Manager” system role, except for users with Billing permission, who will be assigned “Administrator”.

Loop Preview Report Update:

  • Loop preview reports can now be viewed in the Doohly platform, as well as exported as a CSV
  • Users are able to preview image and video creatives in the loop preview report by clicking on the creative name

Other Changes:

UI: Device details can now be viewed in all screen sizes

UI: Redundant scroll bars have been removed

UI: Unsupported HTML packages can no longer be uploaded to the creative library

UI: When attempting to navigate away from a page without saving, a prompt will now appear

UI: Creatives can now be previewed when being assigned to a booking or editing the booking


Player: Linux players now restart correctly

Player: Frame background and standby images will no longer flash between creatives

Player: Will no longer crash due to out-of-memory error

UI: Users will be warned when a booking end time is before the booking start time

API: getPlayerPlaylist endpoint no longer errors when related booking is deleted

20230925 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik

Operating Hours:

  • Users can now view and edit specific device operating hours via the Doohly UI
  • To access device operating hours:
    • Go to the specific device page you would like to set the operating hours on
    • Click on the “Operating Hours” tab along the top
    • From here, users can set the operating hours using a few different methods:
    • Clicking the “New Time Block” button, revealing a pop-out and enables users to set blocks of time
    • Users can also click the “Copy From Device” button to copy the operating hours of another device (and then change/edit if needed)
    • Clicking and dragging within the operating hours view will also allow users to visually set the operating hours of the device
  • For more information regarding operating hours, be sure to check out the knowledge base guide, available here


Note: Currently users can not set a space default for operating hours and operating hours can only be set once a device has been registered


  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) is now available for all users on request


  • Player: Improved device logging and player stability
  • Player: Device registration codes no longer contain ambiguous characters
  • UI: Clearer error messages when saving bookings with an incorrect time range
  • UI: Improved scrolling in certain parts of Doohly


  • Player: When editing a device’s player window preset, the changes will be reflected in real-time
  • Player: Always-on-top behaviour has been improved to be more consistent
  • Player: Some Android-based players not playing content when started without an internet connection


Note: The above player changes and fixes require v5.0.9 of the Doohly Player to be installed

20230810 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik

Player Window Presets


Note: Updating Windows devices to v4.7.7 is required for the following features

Player window presets enable the customisation of the Doohly player application appearance and includes window size, location on screen, mode (windowed or fullscreen) and rotation.

All devices have a window preset & window presets can be created once and used across multiple devices at once helping ensure consistency

More information regarding player window presets can be found at this page.

  • Users can select the individual devices window preset, as well as configure the space-wide preset
    • These presets include:
      • Width and height
      • Location on the screen
      • Mode (Fullscreen or Windowed)
      • Rotation
  • By default, the following window presets have been added to all spaces:
    • Fullscreen
    • Fullscreen (Rotate Left 90°)
    • Windowed (x: 0, y: 0, w: 720, h: 480)
    • Any custom canvases used previously have also been transferred to window presets - all devices will function as they were
  • When registering a device users will be required to select a window preset
    • By default, this will be the previously set default in the window preset settings screen
  • When registering a device, the window preset option is a required field
  • To change the current window preset for a device:
    1. Go to "Devices"
    2. Select the device you wish to change
    3. Click on "Settings"
    4. Click on the "Window Preset" dropdown menu and select the relevant preset
  • To view and edit the space-wide window presets and default:
    1. Hover over the organisation name in the top right
    2. Click on the "Settings" option
    3. Navigate to the "Window Presets" section
    4. To set the space-wide default, click on the pencil icon next to the "Default Player Window Preset" and select the option you would like to use as the space default
    5. To create a new window preset, click on the "New Window Preset" button
    6. To delete or edit and existing preset, click on the ellipsis next to the presets name and select the appropriate option

Player Window Lock

  • Users can now Lock the player, which when enabled:
    • Prevents the player window from moving or changing size
    • Prevents the player from being minimised
    • Prevents changes to always on top setting
    • Disables all hotkeys, except temporarily exiting the locked state
  • To Unlock the player, use the Ctrl + shift + L hotkey
    • Using the hotkey whilst unlocked will result in the player Locking and reverting to its configured state
  • Unlocking the player has a 5-minute duration, after this duration the player will automatically revet to a locked state

Minimised Player

  • Users can now minimise the player on startup (on supported devices)
  • To minimise the player:
    • Go to "Devices"
    • Select the device you would like to launch in minimised mode
    • Click on "Settings" along the top
    • Enable the "Minimised" toggle

UI Changes

  • Canvases have been deprecated with the introduction of player window presets
    • Any devices with custom canvas sizes will automatically have these transferred to player window presets, and applied to relevant devices
  • Startup behaviour has been removed with the introduction of player window presets
  • Device orientation has been renamed to "Rotation" and moved to the player window presets
  • Minimising the player on startup can now be toggled on or off (not available on Android devices)
    • To minimise the player:
      • Go to "Devices"
      • Select the device you would like to launch in minimised mode
      • Click on "Settings" along the top
      • Enable the "Minimised" toggle


  • Double-clicking on the player window when in windowed mode will set the player to fullscreen


Note: These newly released features are currently only available for Windows devices

20230712 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik

Cloning Bookings

  • Users can now clone a booking when editing a campaign
  • When cloning a booking, users have the option to clone the creatives, frames, and/or tags
  • Users will have to specify the cloned bookings' name, start, and end date
  • To clone a booking within a campaign:
    1. Navigate to the campaign containing the booking you wish to clone
    2. Click on the ellipsis on the right of the booking
    3. Click on Clone Booking to create an identical copy of the booking
    4. Enter the name, start date, end date, and select the data to be carried over to the new booking
    5. Click the create button

UI Updates

  • Added purchase type column to the bookings table in the device details page
  • Added filtering to the start and end date columns in the bookings table on the campaign list

20230705 - Release Notes

by Blane Zemunik

UI Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Users can now filter bookings by their scheduled days of the week in the bookings tab within the campaign view
  • When viewing a campaign, the booking actions are now accessed via a hamburger menu
  • Changed the label of device status from online/offline to connected/disconnected for more clarity
  • Fixed the assigned frames list not being scrollable in the bookings view
  • Updated the Doohly logo in the device registration splash screen
  • Improved page speed when assigning creatives or frames to bookings