Tagging Devices

Using Tags with Devices

Adding tags to devices can be done during the device registration setup or afterwards.

To add tags during the registration of your device, start registering a device as you normally would.

In the last field, after the “Location” section, is the “Additional Information” section. To add a tag/s enter your term here and make sure to hit “enter” or “return” to add your tag.

If this tag hasn’t been used previously, a pop-up box prompting you to add and save the tag will appear.

Ensure you’ve entered the correct term and hit save. Your tag will now be added to this digital display device and will be ready for future use too.

The process for adding tags to an existing device is similar, head over to the “Devices” tab and find the device you wish to add tags to. Once you’re in the device view for the specific device, the “Tags” section should appear on the right-hand side.