Product Category Separation

What Is Product Category Separation

Product Category Separation is a way in which the Doohly Player takes into consideration a campaign's product category to avoid having campaigns of the same category play alongside each other.


Note: The Doohly Player logic will try its best to abide by product category separation, but there may be cases where this is not possible. For example, a player with only two bookings assigned to it and no content to fill between these bookings, the two bookings will not be separated.

How Product Category Separation Works

Once product category separation is enabled, the Doohly Player will do its best to keep campaigns with the same Product Categories from playing adjacent to each other.

For example, if a campaign has the Product Category Automotive Brand, it will not play next to other campaigns that also have the Product Category Automotive Brand.

Sub-Categories also affect how product category separation works. Sub-Categories will cause campaigns to be separated from those that have either the same Sub-Categories or the overall Category.

For example, if a campaign has the Category Retail, it will be separated from Electrical Retailers campaigns and Alcohol Retailers campaigns, but those Alcohol Retailers campaigns and Electrical Retailers campaigns will not be separated from each other.


Note: Product category separation works for both Custom Product Categories and Standard Product Categories.