Supported Devices

Doohly Player can be installed and run on Windows and Android operating systems (OS).


Doohly will run on your media player if it is running a supported OS, but if your device is not listed below and you require full support please refer to the Unsupported Devices section below.

Device List

Doohly Player provides full support for the following devices:



  • DN72
  • DN73
  • DN74
  • DN75



  • F210-U


  • Mac Mini running Windows 10 via Bootcamp

Intel Nuc

  • NUC7JY

Unsupported Devices

We are asked a lot to support a variety of different devices. As we strive to always provide full-featured support, this can become rather complicated on an unknown device.

If your device is not listed above and you require full support, we do offer full and long-term support if the following terms are satisfied:

  • For long-term support, we will need at least 2 testing devices in our office
  • Direct contact to the manufacturer of the device, or quick Q&A through you
  • The number of devices that will be deployed is over 150