• Android 7.1 or higher
  • Internet Capabilities (Ethernet Port or Wi-Fi Adapter)
  • Keyboard and/or mouse
  • USB stick (Formatted to FAT32)

Installing the Doohly Player

There are two main tasks that need to be completed to allow your Android device to use Doohly Player. The first is allowing apps to be installed from unknown sources, the second is installing the Doohly Player software from a USB onto the device.

Allowing Apps to Install From Unknown Sources

  1. Open the "Settings" app.
  2. Open “Security” settings within the “Personal” section.
  3. Ensure that “Unknown Sources” is selected, a confirmation message will appear, ensure you select “OK”.
  4. Use the ESC key or right mouse button to go back.

Installing the Doohly Player

  1. Insert your USB with the Doohly Player APK into the top left USB slot (This guide assumes the USB stick is inserted in this port).
  2. Open the app launcher and launch the “ApkInstaller” app.
  3. Press the “Install” button.
  4. Navigate to “USB Memory”, “USB_DISK2”, “udisk0”.
  5. Select the Doohly Player APK.
  6. Press “Install”.
  7. Once the installation has finished, hit the “OPEN” button.

To ensure that the installation process has been completed correctly, make sure to reboot the media player.


Note - By default, the Doohly Player is scheduled to start up automatically.