Loop Policy & Playback Frequency Overview

What is a Loop Policy

Loop policies are a set of rules that dictate the way the Doohly player displays content. These rules are key to ensuring the correct content is played and contain information regarding slots and content duration.

It is best practice to match your loop policies to either your sales method or the average dwell time of a location.

Loop Policies in Doohly

To access your organization's loop policies, simply click the “Loop Policies” tab on the left of your screen.

The “Loop Policies” tab shows you all the available loop policies.

Click on the specific loop policy to view its specifications, from here you can also edit the loop policy name.

Here you are able to view & edit the customizable aspects of loop policies: Number of slots, Slot duration, and Overbooking.

Number of slots: How many creatives will be in a loop before the next one starts.

Slot duration: How long a creative will play before the next starts.

  • When creatives are set to “inherit” in the bookings menu, they will play for the slot duration outlined in the loop policy - this can result in videos longer than the slot duration being cut short.
  • To avoid videos being cut short, ensure that the duration has been set to “custom”.

Overbooking: Enables loops to play more creatives than the loop policy specifies (if enabled).

Within Doohly, there is a default loop policy that specifies the following rules:

  • Number of Slots: 6 per loop
  • Slot Duration: Specified when your space is created
  • Overbooking is set to true

What this means is that 6 creatives will be played, for as long as you have specified before the loop restarts.

Loops can also be overbooked, meaning more than 6 creatives can play if more than 6 are assigned to the same frame.

Finally, programmatic packages are supported at a loop policy level. Here you can enable programmatic packages in two ways.

The first is by enabling programmatic packages to fill vacant slots within the loop.

The second is by reserving any number of slots within the loop for programmatic packages.

To start making use of programmatic packages, contact our support team via email ([email protected])


Note: Loop policies are assigned at a frame level only, as different frames on a device may have different use cases.

What is Playback Frequency

Playback frequency is the rule set for how many creatives within a booking will play per loop. It is also for specifying how often a loop with these creatives will play.


Play 1 creative, every 2 loops

This would result in every loop second loop playing one of the creatives within this booking, starting from the top of the booking and going down the list.