Operating Hours

Set the hours that a device will show content


Operating hours allow you to set the hours that a device will show content, anything scheduled outside of these operating hours will not play.

If a device does not have operating hours, content will not play on these devices.

Outside of operating hours, devices will show a black screen.

Setting Operating Hours

To set operating hours on a device, first navigate to the “Devices” section and select the device you wish to edit.

Device list - Doohly

From here, click on the “Operating Hours” tab.

Operating Hours screen - Doohly

This tab is where you can set the operating hours for this specific device. There are three ways in which operating hours can be set.

The first is by using the “Copy From Device” button. This will allow you to select the operating hours of another device and copy them to this particular one. These can be used as a base and changes made to them if needed.

Simply click on the button and select the device you wish to copy from.

Copy Operating Hours - Doohly

Method two is to click on the “New Time Block” button and manually enter the days and times you would like the device to use.

New time block - Doohly

The following prompt will appear, enter the required information, being sure to click "Add", and the operating hours will be visible in the calendar view.

New operating hours - Doohly

The third way to add/change operating hours is to click and drag on the 7-day calendar and use the visual blocks.

Click & Drag Operating Hours - Doohly


Note: The right click menu can be used to copy an existing block of operating hours to another day.

Edit, Delete & Copy Operating Hours

Regardless of which method is used to add new operating hours, editing, deleting, or copying these existing operating hours is done the same way.

Simply right-click on an operating hours block to bring up the following menu, and click on either “Edit”, “Delete”, or "Copy to days"

Operating hours options