Intergrating & Creating with Canva


Doohly has integrated with Canva to bring high-quality graphic design tools into your CMS solution.

This means that you are able to design the creatives you need for your digital signage quickly and frictionlessly within the Doohly platform.

Our Canva integration allows users to use their previously created Canva account.


Note: To make use of our integration, a Doohly account is required - users can still access Canva's tools for free here.

Design Creatives with Canva

The Canva integration is available on both desktop and mobile, allowing you to design creatives from anywhere.

To access the integration simply access your “Creative Library” and look for the “Design with Canva” button. 

Once you've clicked the "Design with Canva" button, you'll be able to select the size of your creative: Landscape (1920x1080), Portrait (1080x1920) or Custom.

Canva is loaded with a wide array of tools, from simple text editors to complex photo editing. Anything you need for designing your visual content for digital signage can be found here.


Note: A Canva account is required