Common Terms

This glossary was developed as a way to help new users understand the common terminology you may see throughout the Doohly knowledge base and website.

Some of these terms may have other definitions/connotations within other industries, this glossary covers their definitions within the digital advertising/ad tech industry.

For more information head to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system refers to a program that is responsible for controlling your digital content. it is used to determine when and where your content is displayed. A CMS is necessary for displaying digital content, especially when you have multiple displays and pieces of content. Doohly is a prime example of a CMS.


Creatives are what you develop/design to showcase on your digital signage. Doohly Player supports dynamic, video and picture creatives in particular; MP4, JPG/JPEG, PNG and HTML Packages.

Digital Signage/Digital Screen

Digital signage/digital screens are what physically display your creatives. These devices have to be connected to a computer (media player) and the internet. These screens can be anything from a tablet to a huge video/photo billboard. Doohly Player supports screens of all sizes and shapes.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Digital out of home (DOOH) is the newer form of out of home advertising, it includes digital screens/displays that are located outside of your home that display creatives. The objective of these creatives can be to advertise, inform, or entertain. Doohly aims to make DOOH available to every business.


A loop(s) is the order in which content is played from your uploaded and designed campaigns. Our looping policy allows the user to play individual creatives from multiple campaigns in a specific order.

Out of Home (OOH)

Out of home is different to digital out of home as it refers to the traditional methods as opposed to the newer digital methods. Out of home media includes things like fliers, vehicle wraps and printed billboards. These traditional methods still have their place in the advertising industry as digital solutions aren’t always available.

Doohly Player

Doohly Player is a piece of software that enables devices to broadcast the creative that the user wishes to play, our player works on Windows and Android. The software must be downloaded and installed correctly to ensure that the creatives are displayed correctly.

Programmatic Digital Out of Home (pDOOH)

One of the newest advances in the adtech space, Programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) involves three parties, the owners of DOOH materials, advertisers, and a third-party marketplace. It enables owners of DOOH to sell their screen inventory, this is known as the “Supply Side Platform” (SSP). It is all done automatically as advertisers set their budget and upload their advertising content to the marketplace, or “Demand Side Platform” (DSP). This has removed the need for direct contracts/communication between the SSP and DSP and allows automatically and efficient delivery.


Schedule is the “when” for your creatives, such as what time and days you want them to be shown. Doohly allows you to set your schedule with ease and in either the devices timezone or the operator's timezone.


Web-based is when a product/service is operated entirely online, such as Doohly. This allows you to change what is displayed whenever you want from anywhere in the world. Being web-based removes the need to physically access the digital screens once they’ve been set up and saves users time and money.