Creative Library Best Practices

Creative Library Best Practices

To get the most out of your creative library, the following best practice methods should be followed. 

These will ensure that everyone in your team can easily access and manage your creatives and ensure that content is easy to find and display.

Save Creatives in the Correct Format

When using an external photo editing or digital design tool (such as Adobe Photoshop) ensure that when you’re saving your creatives you save them in a supported file type.

This is done so that there are no errors when attempting to upload your creatives.

Doohly currently supports HTML, image, and video file types.

Image: JPG, JPEG & PNG

Video: MP4 (h.264 & h.265)

Dynamic: HTML Packages

Doohly will not allow you to upload an unsupported creative.

When creating with Canva, your files will automatically be uploaded as a PNG.

Keep File Size to a Minimum

Whilst Doohly does not have a limit on file size, we advise that you endeavour to keep it as low as possible. This is due to bandwidth usage and media player speed being impacted heavily by excessively large files.

The Doohly Player downloads your content when it detects a change in creative. If you’ve uploaded a large file, it may take a while to be downloaded to your media player. Not only this, but it will likely increase your internet usage cost.

If there is a large number of excessively large creatives, there is also the chance that your media player begins to lag/slow down.

Playback Scaling

Once your creative/s have been uploaded, you should ensure that they will play back correctly. To do so, double click on the creative to enter the "Preview" menu and select one of the three playback methods from the drop-down menu.

There are currently three different options for creative playback:

  • Scale To Fit: Keep the creatives aspect ratio and resize to fit the frame.
  • Stretch To Fill: Ignore the creatives aspect ratio and stretch it to fill the entire frame.
  • Scale To Fill: Keep the aspect ratio of the creative and resize to fill the frame, overflow will be cropped and not displayed.

Folder Structure

When creating a folder system, ensure that anyone who will be accessing the creatives agrees and follows the folder structure system.

Common ways to structure folders include:

  • By advertiser
  • By creative type
  • By date range
  • By campaign

Doohly has no default method but recommends grouping content in folders to avoid any potential lag/slowdowns of the UI.