Network Requirements


You will need to ensure that your internet network connection is set up correctly to allow Doohly to connect and operate.


There are two main network requirements that you must meet to ensure that your digital signage runs correctly and smoothly without any issues. 

The first is ensuring that the three required ports have been granted the correct permissions. 

The second is ensuring that three URLS have been added to the whitelist.


As previously mentioned, there are three main ports that will need to be opened to allow communication between Doohly Player and Doohly:

  • 443 TCP - Used to connect to the VPN and the web terminal (and many web endpoints using TLS (https:..))
  • 123 UDP - For NTP time synchronization
  • 53 UDP - For DNS name resolution

These three ports will need to be open to outward connections (and inward once the outward connection has been established).


Note: If a local NTP and DNS server are provided, the NTP 123 and DNS 53 ports may be blocked.


For your digital signage to operate smoothly, we also require that you add three URLs to your whitelist to ensure their continued connection:

  • *
  • *