Loop Logic Overview

Loop Policy

What Is A Loop Policy

Loop policies are a set of rules that dictate the way the Doohly player displays content. These rules are key to ensuring the correct content is played, and contain information regarding slots and content duration.

It is best practice to match your loop policies to either your sales method or the average dwell time of a location.

Components Of A Loop Policy

Within a Loop Policy, there are four main components to be aware of. Number of Slots, Slot Duration, Overbooking, and Programmatic.

Number of Slots: How many creatives will be in a loop before the next loop starts

Slot Duration: How long a creative will play before the next starts.

  • This can cause video creatives to be cut short if they are longer than the specified slot duration and their duration is set to “inherit”.

Overbooking: Enables loops to play more creatives than the loop policy specifies (if enabled)

Programmatic: Reserve a set number of slots for programmatic content and/or fill unused slots with programmatic content

For more detailed information regarding Loop Policies, check out the knowledge base.

Playback Hierarchy

What Is Playback Hierarchy

Playback Hierarchy refers to the way that the Doohly Player determines which bookings should play in a given loop, based on purchase type.

How The Hierarchy Is Determined

The Playback Hierarchy is determined by the purchase types assigned to bookings that will play during a given loop.

There are four selectable purchase types that can be assigned. These purchase types fit into the hierarchy as follows:

  1. Sold
  2. Guaranteed Bonus
  3. Non-Guaranteed Bonus
  4. Filler

For more detailed information regarding Purchase Type, check out the knowledge base.

It is also worth noting that if you have programmatic enabled, that will impact the Playback Hierarchy.

When programmatic is enabled, the hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Sold
  2. Guaranteed Bonus
  3. Programmatic
  4. Non-Guaranteed Bonus
  5. Filler

Creating A Loop

Example Situation

6 Slots (with 1 slot reserved for programmatic)

5 Bookings (each set to play 1 creative per loop)

  • Booking A - Sold
  • Booking B - Sold
  • Booking C - Guaranteed Bonus
  • Booking D - Non-Guaranteed Bonus
  • Booking E - Filler

Given the above situation, the content of the loop would be picked in the following order:

  1. Booking A - Sold
  2. Booking B - Sold
  3. Booking C - Guaranteed Bonus
  4. Programmatic
  5. Booking D - Non-Guaranteed Bonus
  6. Booking E - Filler

After the Filler booking plays, the loop will then restart.


Note: This is based on the bookings being set to play 1 creative per loop

Another Example Situation

6 Slots

  • 1 Reserved for programmatic
  • Overbooking has been disabled
  • Sold bookings set to play 2 creatives per loop
  1. Booking A - Sold
  2. Booking A - Sold
  3. Booking B - Sold
  4. Booking B - Sold
  5. Booking C - Guaranteed Bonus
  6. Programmatic

As you can see Programmatic has a higher priority than Non-Guaranteed Bonus or Filler and will therefore be played instead.